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How to help your business survive with remote working solutions

7 Tips for Small Businesses Transitioning to Working Remotely

Webinar details

  • On - Demand
  • Duration: 60mins
  • Language: English

Webinar description 

Many small businesses are being affected by changes related to COVID-19. Working from home is new for many people but working remotely doesn't have to mean isolation. Technology can keep us connected even when we’re apart. In fact, remote working can even have some advantages.

Employees need simple tools so they can be productive virtually, and Cisco is doing what we can to help. Our products and services can help you engage digitally and keep your work moving forward while practicing social distancing.

But like any change, getting started can be confusing and hard. If your team is new to remote working, they may have questions and need answers about the new virtual culture. Leaders of new small business remote teams can lead by example. Learn more about how you can give employees the tools, education, and moral support they need to work from home successfully.

What's covered in this webinar?

  • Tips for helping your employees with the transition to keep them productive
  • Best practices for video conferencing and collaboration, so your employees can enjoy engaging in interactive remote discussions
  • Information about ways you can reinforce your security to make sure both your business and your employees are protected
  • Simple techniques for allowing remote users to securely access files and services on your network and managing your network using a mobile app
  • Details about our latest offers and bundles for small business
  • Ask us anything: Q&A with experts

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