Security solutions that meet the needs of your businesses

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What's covered in this webinar?

  • ·We will provide an overview of the challenges you will typically face when securing your organisation
  • We’ll share with you Cisco’s simple approach to cybersecurity
  • We’ll show you the solutions that Cisco has built to specifically help small businesses secure themselves and accelerate their growth.

Webinar details

  • On-Demand
  • Duration: 13 minutes
  • Language: English

Webinar description 

Whatever the nature of your business, your organisation will face cybersecurity threats. 72% of small and medium-sized businesses say they have experienced a cyber-attack in the past year.  When this happens, damage to your company and the trust of your customers can be significant. 

Security should limit threats, not your business.  Keeping your business protected is at the heart of what we do at Cisco.  We do this by simplifying your security approach, because reducing complexity can make all the difference.  In a small business, your people are everything. We understand this, and so with Cisco, your employees will experience frictionless security. They will be able to access any application securely, no matter where they are, what device they’re using, or where the application is. That means that you can get on with serving your customers and growing your business.