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Cisco Identity Services Engine

Cisco Identity Services Engineview expanded image

Govern Your Network with Central Policy Enforcement

Whether you need to support employee "bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) to work practices, or provide more secure access to your data center resources, the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) meets your needs. It helps you reliably enforce compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and streamline service operations. Cisco ISE is a context-aware, identity-based platform that gathers real-time information from the network, users, and devices. ISE then uses this information to make proactive governance decisions by enforcing policy across the network infrastructure.

Cisco Identity Services Engine offers the following benefits.

  • Security: Improve visibility and control over all user activity and devices on your physical network and virtual infrastructure
  • Compliance: Create consistent policy across the infrastructure for corporate governance.
  • Efficiency: Increase IT staff productivity by automating labor-intensive tasks and simplifying service delivery.

Product Highlights

  • Consistent enforcement of context-based policies across wired and wireless networks
  • System-wide visibility showing you who and what is on the network - wired, wireless, or VPN
  • Integrated AAA, profiling, posture, and guest services to simplify deployments and cut costs
  • Accurate device identification using ISE-based probes, embedded device sensors, active endpoint scanning
  • Policy-based mobile-device compliance and application provisioning using integrated multi-device management solutions
  • Simplified BYOD onboarding through self-service registration*

*Available later this year

ISE Deployment

You can deploy Cisco ISE as an appliance or virtual machine to enforce security policy on all devices that attempt to gain access to network infrastructure. Integrated with the Cisco Prime Network Control System (NCS), Cisco ISE helps you manage all devices more securely. In wireless deployments, it can help address the challenges of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment.


ISE Deployment Diagram
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