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The Cisco Difference

Alam Steel and the Cisco Difference.

When Jebel Ali-based Alam Steel opened a second location at Dubai Investment Park, it needed to ensure seamless connectivity between the two sites. The Cisco IP solution provided cutting-edge technology that delivered reduced communication costs, increased productivity through reduced latency and streamlined inter-site communication.

By turning to Cisco, Alam Steel's new solution also delivered a higher return on investment, a lower total cost of ownership and a scalable, unified communication infrastructure across the entire Dubai organisation. As well, the total implementation time was only two weeks. That's the Cisco Difference.

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Oderbrecht and the Cisco Difference.

Communicating with worldwide branches on a daily basis means picking up the phone, then picking up the tab. So when Brazilian conglomerate Oderbrecht's international call bills went from expensive to extravagant, they dialled Emirates Computers for help.

And Cisco answered. Deploying Cisco's IP Telephony and Unified Communications Technology systems, Emirates Computers provided Oderbrecht what it needed: improved global communications, reduced telephone bills and enhanced productivity.And all in just a little over a month. That's the Cisco Difference.

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AAA Construction Equipment and the Cisco Difference.

In the time-is-money construction industry, every minute gained can put you ahead of the competition. So when AAA Construction Equipment Est. was looking for an end-to-end wireless networking solution provider to give them a leading edge, they chose Latitude Systems. And Latitude chose Cisco.

Cisco's well-planned and implemented cost-effective offering provided AAA with industry-wide wireless solutions backed by the finest Quality of Service and high Returns on Investment. The result - seamless mobility, secure network, increased work force productivity, and significant cost-effectiveness.And all of these within 2 weeks. That's the Cisco Difference.

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International Schools of Choueifat and the Cisco Difference.

Operating nine schools in three countries provided International Schools of Choueifat (ISC) with a complex networking challenge. Cisco's solution provides ISC with a cost-effective, secure and scalable Ethernet network that delivers increased broadband connectivity across a wide-area network. Cisco seamlessly migrated ISC to the new infrastructure, which provides improved network management for fast reliable data transfer and online exam implementation.

Cisco's world-class, centrally hosted infrastructure in Abu Dhabi makes it easy and more affordable for ISC to manage a variety of virtual local-area networks and access-control lists across the nine schools. That's the Cisco Difference.

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Sheikh Zayed House for Islamic Culture and the Cisco Difference.

Sheikh Zayed House for Islamic Culture uses state-of-the-art media to educate non-Muslims about Islam and serve the needs of new Muslims. By choosing a converged IP communication network from Cisco that supports large-bandwidth applications, video and voice, the foundation now can quickly and reliably use ERP and HR software, reduce network management costs and improve communications by integrating different devices and applications.

The flexible and stable infrastructure offers productivity-enhancing IP telephony, voice over wireless LAN and video services. All this was implemented in just one month. That's the Cisco Difference.

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Dheeraj & East Coast and the Cisco Difference.

Developing real estate is about bringing the right information to the right people at the right time. That's why Dubai-based Dheeraj & East Coast turned to Cisco to develop a high-performance, converged communication network that improves company productivity, while also reducing costs.

A higher ROI and reduced total cost of ownership are achieved through easy scalability, centralised management and reduced cabling costs. Productivity is boosted by the converged network's IP telephony, streamlined inter-site communication and secure network access for remote users. Cisco's world-class technology enabled implementation in just one week. That's the Cisco Difference.

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A.T. Kearney and the Cisco Difference

For management consultant A.T. Kearney, serving clients requires frequent international calling among offices. Looking to cut these costs and improve operations at its Dubai site, the company turned to Cisco for a robust, secure, wired and wireless IP communications system.

The cutting-edge solution offers seamless communication among offices, dramatically reduced calling costs and less time required for system management. Implemented in just one week, the centrally administered telephony infrastructure means a lower total cost of ownership. A wide-area network connects the call manager in Germany with the Dubai office. That's the Cisco Difference.

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Universal Group and the Cisco Difference.

Universal Group is a successful and diversified business conglomerate in the UAE that was incurring huge expenses and reduced productivity by using ISDN lines at its growing number of offices. It turned to Cisco to implement a robust VPN network that was also scalable, secure and flexible over the long term.

The Cisco solution has not only delivered a huge return on investment by eliminating monthly ISDN rental charges, but all offices have increased bandwidth for more effective use of the corporate network, better employee productivity and enhances security. That's the Cisco Difference.

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ICG and the Cisco Difference

In the fiercely competitive Dubai real estate industry, communicating with clients is essential. When Infrastructure Capital Group - real estate developer in Dubai and in the Northern Emirates - began facing a series of problems with their analogue phones, Cisco answered their call for help.

Cisco's innovative Solutions gave Infrastructure Capital Group direct lines for clear and glitch-free internal and external calls; with the added freedom of voice mail and international conference calling. The result: uninterrupted communication channels to their clients and associates. All in just two weeks. That's the Cisco Difference.

WSP and the Cisco Difference

In the Information Age, every business needs all the technological help it can get. When WSP wasn't getting the solutions that suited its needs - it turned to Cisco to present what it could bring to the table.

Cisco's total solutions expertise and state-of-the-art technology gave WSP the integrated data, voice and security solutions it was looking for. The result, WSP's early and quick response to customers' needs, thus beating the competition. All in just one month. That's the Cisco Difference.

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Cleveland Bridge and the Cisco Difference

As a leader in the design, fabrication and erection of steelworks for industries, Cleveland Bridge's growth was at a fast pace. When network congestion and latency slowed things down, they tasked Seven Seas to find a network design solution. Seven Seas provided the answer through Cisco technology.

Cisco's information infrastructure delivered the right kind of data at extremely low latencies. with data in the right form, at the right time and in the right place, Cleveland Bridge now has the information needed for the new real-time world of transactions, analytics and decision-support. All in just one week. That's the Cisco Difference.

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