500-560 OCSE

Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions

Associated Certification: Cisco Express Specialization – Networking Track

Duration: 60 minutes

Languages: English, Japanese

Exam overview

This exam tests a candidate's knowledge of the skills needed by an engineer to understand the necessary information to support the express specialization networking business customer.

This exam covers Switching, Routing, Wireless, Cloud and Security solutions for engagements with smaller business customers.

Exam topics

15%  1.0  Switching Overview and Features

1.1  Understand the market for switching portfolio

1.2  Explain the switching product portfolio and the solutions it enables

1.3  Identify the tools and resources available for switching

15%  2.0  Routing Overview and Features

2.1  Understand the routing overview

2.2  Describe the routing product portfolio

2.3  Explain the routing positioning

2.4  Identify the tools and resources available

25%  3.0  Wireless Overview and Features

3.1   Identify Cisco’s products in the wireless market

3.2   Describe and explain the Cisco wireless product portfolio and positioning

3.3   Describe, explain, and identify Cisco Mobility Express, wireless LAN controller, and access points features

3.4   Define the features and benefits of Cisco DNA Spaces

3.5   Define the features and benefits of Cisco DNA Assurance

35%  4.0  Meraki Overview and Products

4.1    Describe Meraki MX product mix and solutions

4.2    Describe Meraki MS product mix and solutions

4.3    Describe Meraki MR product mix and solutions

4.4    Describe Meraki SM product mix and solutions

4.5    Describe Meraki MV product mix and solutions

4.6    Explain Meraki licensing, support, and warranty

4.7    Identify the Meraki sales cycle

10%  5.0  Security Overview and Features

5.1   Describe the Branch Threat Defense Umbrella

5.2   Explain threat-centric security approach and security architecture

Exam preparation

The following is the recommended course for this exam:

Cisco Partners can access Cisco SalesConnect for access to a variety of training content to help them prepare for this exam.

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