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Leading the future.
Connecting the possibilities.

Visit us to design your digital blueprint for the future.
Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2019, Orlando, Florida

Join us.

Join Cisco at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo where we are ready to sharpen the networks that fuel your ambitions — to modernize your business, to transform your workforce and talent, to co-create new business models, and to reimagine your experience in the world.

We'll give you a head start in seizing new opportunities--because change is happening faster than ever.  Industries of all types embrace digital business--and experience is everything for both the workforce and the customer.

Digital transformation leads to business innovation.

We’re ready to share our experiences and apply the lessons we have learned, to help you lead the future and reap the benefits of connecting the possibilities.

Save today when you register using Cisco's code: SYMEX5 to get a $450 discount towards conference registration. 

The Cisco CIO Blueprint Studio

Location; Cape Cod Foyer/Yacht & Beach Club

Let’s design your new blueprint for digital success, together.

CIOs can get 30 days of strategic planning in 30 minutes in the Cisco Blueprint Studio. In these personalized, executive-led meetings, you will have the opportunity to discuss your key challenges and walk away with a strategic action plan to address your top digitization priorities. Available to attending CIOs only.  Book your appointment today--space is limited.

An added feature for CIOs attending a meeting in the Blueprint Studio:

The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation—an IMD and Cisco initiative—is dedicated to helping business and organization leaders succeed in their digital transformation efforts by re-imagining and reinventing the business from top to bottom before they begin. Gain insights directly from this team and learn from their research--only in the Cisco Blueprint Studio. In addition, you will also receive a copy of Orchestrating Transformation: How to Deliver Winning Performance with a Connected Approach to Change.


Sunday, October 20

2:15pm | Southern I

A patient-centered framework to disrupt and transform healthcare

Speaker: Troy Yoder, Leader, Americas Healthcare

Technology gaps are no longer a barrier to innovation. But the promise of digital transformation hasn’t reached scale in healthcare. Why do we still have to fill out a pile of forms at our doctor’s office, when you can sign into your bank account with your voice? In this session, we will discuss how applying technology to flawed processes is slowing down progress and explore six keys to patient-centered digital transformation in healthcare. 


2:15pm | Newport East

Modernizing the Mission

Speaker: Marc Moffett, Senior Director of System Engineering and Architectures & CTO, US Public Sector, Cisco

Whether you connect with the military, empower educators, or make cities smart—this session will give business relevance to the mission you support. We will explore modernization use cases for IT professionals chartered with educating, protecting, and serving agency departments and their respective constituents. You will learn about real-world use cases covering: deploying secure segmentation, cloud connectivity, and next-generation mobility across education, municipalities, and state and federal governments. 








Monday, October 21

12:40pm | IT Xpo Stage 1 Atlantic Hall

Global Network Transformation & Evolving Internet Trends 

Speaker: Shruti Jain, Senior Analyst / Marketing Manager, Cisco

Internet access can have a profound impact on economies, education levels, and even mortality rates. Beyond consumer segment, businesses and world governments - all rely on the Internet to conduct their daily business, in turn driving constant network evolution.

The annual Cisco VNI Forecast focuses on global IP traffic growth and Internet trends. In this session, we will identify and analyze technology innovations and provide strategic insights on network transformation, user Internet behaviors and implications.


1:00pm | Southern Hemisphere II

Building Zero Trust Security Solutions

Speaker: Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Duo Security, now part of Cisco

Call it “zero trust” or “an initial step on the road to CARTA” – we know the classic design patterns of security have to change. In this session, we’ll talk about different ways to build on the fundamentals of “zero trust,” working together with partners in stages to create better and more usable security


3:15pm | Southern I

Top 5 Networking trends you can't ignore: technology, operations & talent


Prashanth Shenoy, Vice President Enterprise Networks & DevNet Marketing

Matt Clair, CIO, Clair Global

Cloud. IoT. Mobile. Security. What does their future look like? We’ll lay out 5 future trends around networking, operations and talent based on the to-be-released Cisco 2020 Networking Report, and we’ll have a frank discussion with a customer about the top things an IT leader needs to consider when creating their networking strategy.



Tuesday, October 22

10:30am | Northern A-E

Reinventing Cisco: The CIO’s perspective

Speaker: Jacqueline Guichelaar

In 2015, Cisco embarked on an ambitious journey transforming the company into software and cloud business models. This digital transformation journey is by no means unique to Cisco, but to any company looking at improving how they operate and deliver unprecedented value to their customers.  Attend this session to learn from Cisco’s Group Chief Information Officer & Senior Vice President Jacqui Guichelaar, how IT is enabling the future of Cisco. Gain glimpses into the operating model Guichelaar and her leadership team have centered around customer and stakeholder experience. Guichelaar will provide insights on setting expectations and managing cultural change while responding to today’s business user demands of simplicity, agility and cloud-like responsiveness.

3:45pm | Swan Ballroom 10

AI-enabled workplace transformation: trends and case study


Aruna Ravichandran, Vice President Collaboration Marketing

W. Kelly Boyer, Director of Unified Communications & Collaboration, Physical Infrastructure, End User Technology, and Innovation Information Technology, Royal Caribbean Cruises 

Join this session to learn about the top five trends that are transforming the workplace. Learn how the three influencers: workplace, workforce, and work culture are shaping the way we engage with colleagues, teams and customers, and the critical role that collaboration plays in shaping customer experiences and employee engagement. Discover insights from customers who are transforming their workplace with AI-enabled collaboration technology.


Wednesday, October 23

1:00pm | Southern III


How did we get here, where do we go from here and how can it really drive business innovation?

Speaker: Dave Cope, Senior Director, Cloud Business Development, Cisco

Enterprises today want the freedom to develop and deploy applications securely, wherever they want, using the latest tools and technology. But as IT portfolios expands to support new platforms and development models, managing existing investments and new cloud native applications is challenging. The multicloud world is blurring the boundaries between data centers, colocations and clouds.


In this session we will look at the dramatically rapid phases and implementations that cloud has gone through. Beyond the noise, we will look at the real-world realities and challenges companies have and continue to face while implementing cloud along with various, repeatable use cases many businesses are now deploying to enhance agility and give their businesses real competitive advantages. As a part of this discussion, we'll look at how the development of new technologies are liberating companies to adopt the cloud at their own pace without disruption.






Senior Vice President & Group Chief Information Officer, Cisco

Vice President Enterprise Networks & DevNet Marketing

Head of Advisory CISOs, Duo Security, now part of Cisco

Vice President Collaboration Marketing

Sr Dir of System Engineering & Architectures & CTO, US Public Sector

Leader, Americas Healthcare

Senior Director of Cloud Business Development

Senior Analyst / Marketing Manager, Cisco


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