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Meet the Cisco Catalyst 9200 on TechWiseTV

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The Catalyst 9200 rounds out the lower end of Cisco’s incredible family of 9000 switches, covering the enterprise from access to distribution to the core. For the first time in the industry, a single family of fixed, stackable, and modular switches are running on the same IOS-XE operating system along with a common ASIC.

The 9200 is designed for small, medium, and branch deployments, providing greater modularity, redundancy, and stackability than the Catalyst 2960 it replaces. What’s more, like the other Catalyst 9000 switches, the 9200 is purpose-built for Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)—the path to delivering on intent-based networking. 

Fast and flexible ASIC, redundant power supplies and fans, programmability and automation, MACsec 128 encryption . . . These are only some of the rich capabilities of the new Catalyst 9200 Series. 

Cisco’s Muhammad Imam shows us the capabilities and software innovation fueling this next-generation Catalyst switch.