Cisco Unity Connection REST API FAQ

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What can cause a 415 error?

415 errors are generally caused by not specifying the requested content type. Try setting the "Content-Type" header to "application/xml".

What can cause a 503 error?

A 503 error will result if there are too many requests queued up on the server.

The system will process a maximum of 5 web application requests at one time. The throttle uses a global variable for this, so any request in any process using the throttle will count towards 1 of the 5.

Any request that comes in while 5 or more others are processing will get queued and processed as soon as one of the active requests is complete.

We can queue up to 255 requests (or the thread limit in tomcat, which is 150).

As long as requests process at a rate of 1 request per second, the other requests will remain in the queue. If the requests start processing at a rate slower than 1 per second, the queue wait mechanism times out and the client will get a "server busy" (HTTP 503) response.

How do I GET the guid (objectid) of a user?

Search by alias to get the user XML, then extract the ObjectId field. For example, to find the user John Doe with alias jdoe:

GET http://<connection-server>/vmrest/users?query=(alias%20is%20jdoe)


Some languages and/or libraries require the URL to be escaped first, in which case the spaces need to be converted to %20.

How do I find out which networked cluster a user is on?

Search for the user in the global user list, and look at the user's location (LocationObjectId):

GET http://<connection-server>/vmrest/globalusers?query=(alias%20is%20jdoe)

What is returned from a PUT?

A successful PUT operation returns an HTTP status code of 204 No Content.

All HTTP 2xx status codes mean success. Status code 204 means (quoting from RFC 2616): "The server has fulfilled the request but does not need to return an entity-body (aka content)."

A PUT operation sends a request to the server to change/update a resource, so the server does not need to send back anything except a success code, which is what 204 is appropriate for.

Is there support for paging?

Yes. Paging is supported via two query parameters:

  • rowsPerPage: Indicates how many objects to return in a single query.
  • pageNumber: Indicates which page of objects to return.

For example:

GET http://<connection-server>/vmrest/users?rowsPerPage=100&pageNumber=1
GET http://<connection-server>/vmrest/users?rowsPerPage=100&pageNumber=2

What causes a 302 error?

An HTTP 302 response is very often caused by a client trying to connect to a web application by using HTTP protocol when the web application requires HTTPS. The web server sends back a 302 response to the client in an attempt to redirect it to the secure HTTPS port.

What recording wave file formats are supported with the API?

The Codecs supported for the REST API are the same as the ones supported for recording over the phone line. The supported list is -

  • PCM linear
  • G.711 mu-law (default)
  • G.711 a-law
  • G.729a
  • G.726
  • GSM 6.10