Cisco TelePresence IP VCR Series

License key meanings on an MCU/IP VCR

What do the optional feature license keys mean on my Cisco TelePresence conferencing device?

This article applies to the following products:

  • Cisco TelePresence ISDN Gateway Series
  • Cisco TelePresence IP VCR 2200 / MSE VCR blade
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 Series
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4500 Series
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 Series
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU MSE Series
  • Cisco TelePresence Servers

The following optional feature keys may be seen on the Settings > Upgrade page of your unit.

Optional Feature key name Description
Video firewall Also known as "VFO", allows you to use Ethernet Port B.
4CIF (pre MCU v2.3)
High resolution (v2.3 onwards)
Allows video at resolutions greater than CIF on the MCU 4200 / MSE 8420 Series. The MCU 4500 Series, 5300 Series and MSE 8510 blade and all IP VCR Models can use these resolutions without a feature key.
Encryption Required for the MCU/IP VCR/ISDN GW/TelePresence Server to be able to use encrypted signalling and media to and from endpoints and also allows HTTPS.
Secure management (HTTPS) This key enables/allows HTTPS. However, if the encryption key is present on the unit, this key is not necessary as the encryption key also allows HTTPS.
Web conferencing (MCU only. Not available on MCU 5300 Series.) Allows streaming of the conference content channel (and markup) via a Java applet embedded in web page.
Allows Cisco TelePresence ConferenceMe™.
Built-in gatekeeper, 300 registrants
Built-in gatekeeper, 100 registrants
(MCU only. Not available on MCU 5300 Series.) Extends the built-in gatekeeper to be able to handle more registered devices.
Cisco TelePresence MCU Conference Director (MCU only. Not available on MCU 5300 Series.) Required for Conference Director to be able to access the MCU.
MCU 6 to 12 HD port upgrade (MCU 4501 only.) Doubles the port count on the MCU 4501.
Cluster support This feature allows the TelePresence Server or the MCU to cluster multiple blades running the same software version to behave as a single unit with increased port count.
1080p capacity upgrade (MCU 4500 Series only.) Doubles the port count of an MCU 4500 Series when in HD+ mode.
Third party interop (TelePresence Server only.) This feature allows the TelePresence Server to interoperate with third party multi-screen endpoints. It also activates the grouped endpoints and room features.
Management API Deprecated - used to be required in order to use the Management API, but now the API is available without this feature key. However this feature key can remain loaded if already on a unit.
Fast H.264 Deprecated - previously was used to allow H.264 to be used above a nominal low capped bandwidth. No longer needed on MCU and IP VCR v2.1 onwards, but can remain on a unit if already loaded.

April 23rd, 2013 TAA_KB_149