Adding SFP Modules to the Hardware Configuration in SIMATIC STEP7/TIA Portal

This document describes how to add Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) modules to the SIMATIC STEP7 or TIA Portal automation applications to enable these applications to recognize the SFP modules in the PROFINET environment.

In Cisco IOS releases prior to 15.2(5)E2, only the following SFPs for IE 2000, IE 3000, IE 4000, IE 4010, and IE 5000 series switches worked in STEP 7 or TIA (without General Station Description (GSD) support):

  • GLC-FE-100FX=


  • GLC-LH-SM=

The following SFPs for IE 2000, IE 4000, and IE 5000 series switches can be added to STEP 7 or TIA. In addition, the Combo port works in both copper and fiber mode.

  • GLC-TE

  • GLC-T

  • GLC-FE-T-I

  • GLC-FE-100FX-RGD

  • GLC-FE-100LX-RGD



  • GLC-FE-100FX






STEP7/TIA Procedure

Follow this procedure to add SFPs to the hardware configuration in STEP7 or TIA.

Before you begin

Install the latest General Station Description (GSD) file for your IE switches in STEP7 or TIA. The GSD file is not backward compatible. Combo ports do not have defaults and must be re-created in STEP7 or TIA with the new GSD file.


Step 1

In STEP7 or TIA, open the project containing the Cisco IE switch, and double-click Devices & networks in the project tree.

Step 2

From the Hardware catalog in the hardware and network editor, select the Device Access Point (DAP) name for your switch.

Step 3

Double click the DAP name to go to Device view tab. Expand the PN-IO row in Device overview section if the port list is not displayed.

Step 4

Select the modules that you have installed in the switch from the Hardware catalog and drag them to the appropriate rows in the table area of Device view:

  • GE RJ45 port module for GI port (combo port)

  • FE RJ45 port module for FE port (combo port)

  • Appropriate SFP module for port type (combo port or fiber-only port)

As shown in the following figure, the CWDM-SFP-1570 SFP is dragged to Port 17 and the GE RJ45 port module is dragged to Port 18 in the table. The device in TIA is now ready to compile and download.

The following figure shows the Device view and Hardware catalog with SFP modules for the IE 5000. There is an uplink and downlink module for each FE or Gi SFP. Downlink SFP modules are for ports Gi1/12-Gi1/24 and uplink SFP modules are for ports Gi1/25-Gi1/28.

Feature History



First Supported Release

IE 2000, IE 4000, IE 5000

GLC-T-RGD added to list of supported SFPs.

Cisco IOS Release 15.2(6)E2a

IE 4000

Configure combo ports as copper or SFP in STEP7/TIA

Cisco IOS Release 15.2(6)E2a

IE 2000, IE 5000

Configure combo ports as copper or SFP in STEP7/TIA

Cisco IOS Release 15.2(5)E2