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Java Errors or "Windows Error 3" with Installation of Voice Software

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Updated: Jul 05, 2007



This document explains how to force audium.exe to use a particular Java installation, which can resolve certain issues on a machine with multiple Java installations.


Components Used

The information in this document is based on Cisco Unified Call Services, Universal Edition, and Cisco Unified Call Studio, Universal Edition.


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Background Information

Symptoms: The user uses Windows. An error displays at the installation of voice software, for example, audium.exe or another installer, which indicates a Java problem. One such error message is this:

Windows error 3 occurred while loading the Java VM

Resolution: A voice installer can be forced to use a particular Java installation rather than the default. With this, you can be sure that it uses a supported Java version. Follow this procedure:

  1. Open a console, for example, Start -> Run... -> cmd.

  2. Navigate to the location of the installer file.

  3. Run the installer with the LAX_VM option followed by the full path to the desired java.exe, for example,

    audium.exe LAX_VM "C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_08\bin\java.exe"

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Updated: Jul 05, 2007
Document ID: 91679