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Articles for Small Business Networking

Network security, network management, and more

Get the latest trends, tips, and articles for small business networking.

What is an access point?

Understand the importance of how a wireless access point enhances your network and what role it plays. Learn more about the different types of access point configurations.

How to setup a router

Since every router is different, setup won't be the same from router to router. Here are basic steps that should be common to all router setups.

How does a router work?

Understand the role that a router plays in your network. Learn about the different types of routers.

How does a switch work?

Learn how switches form a key networking building block that connect your devices to each other.

8 Steps to Configure Your Network Switch

Follow these simple best practices to set up a new network switch.

Understanding the Different Types of Network Switches & Ethernet Switches

Can your switches keep up with changing requirements? Understanding the types of network switches will help you find the right solution that’s built for the future.

What is switch vs. a router?

Switches create a network. Routers connect networks. The two pieces of equipment look similar and perform some similar functions, but each has its own distinct function to perform on a network.

How does a network switch work?

Switches are a key component of many business networks. They connect multiple PCs, printers, access points, phones, lights, servers, and other hardware.

What is a wireless network?

A wireless local-area network (LAN) uses radio waves to connect devices such as laptops and mobile phones to the Internet and to your business network and its applications.

Affordable 10 Gigabit Ethernet for Small Businesses

Here are some basic facts about 10 Gigabit Ethernet and how you can migrate your network to 10 Gigabit within your budget.

Networking basics: What you need to know

A network connects computers, mobile phones, peripherals, and even IoT devices. 

Learn how to simplify your business network options of cloud vs on-premises solutions. 

Learn these five simple tips for deploying your small business network.

Advantages of a wireless network

Every minute counts in a small company. Wireless networks are a powerful tool for boosting productivity and encouraging information sharing.

5 must-haves for your small business network switch

What you need to keep in mind when choosing your next network switch.

Need speed? 5 ways to tune your network with a LAN switch

When the traffic load grows on your network, how do you steer around congestion and reduce collisions? 

How to set up a network for small businesses

Building a small office network means starting with a foundation of switches and routers.

Networking solutions for small business

Networking solutions for small business can keep your employees connected and productive wherever they are.

What is a Wifi 6 router?

Explore the next generation of networks and the future of Wi-Fi.

How to setup guest Wi-Fi

Learn how small businesses can leverage guest Wi-Fi to offer a convenient way for customers to access the Internet while staying secure on your internal network.

What are the different types of routers?

Learn about the different types of routers and what to consider when choosing the best for your business.

What is a router?

Learn how routers work, how they help your business and what kinds are available for all your network needs.