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Small Business IT Events – Cisco

IT Gone Wild

Calling all IT pros: join us at SpiceWorld in Austin, TX for three jam-packed days of IT, October 8th-10th.

Get out of the IT Jungle and into the easy life.

Visit Cisco Booth 28 and check out our expert bar, conversation areas for networking, security and compute and explore the capabilities of our Webex Team Board. Let our guides show you how to un-jungle your IT.

Expo Dates and Hours

Monday, October 8| 5 pm - 8 pm (Welcome Reception)

Tuesday, October 9| 10 am – 6 pm (Happy Hour 6 – 7 pm)

Wednesday, October 10| 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Join us for our speaking and tech demo sessions

IT Gone Wild? How Barkley Tamed the IT Jungle

With the increasing complexity of technology lengthy configurations, dealing with multiple vendors, and constant updates and maintenance, it can feel like you are navigating an unruly IT jungle.

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, October 9th / 2:15-3:15pm
  • Speaker: Lambert Tomeldan (Head of IT Barkley)
  • Location: Room 16AB

Cisco's recipe for IT Security Success

Join us for a panel discussion with Carrie Baker, Cisco Security, and Jeffrey Wilson, Spice Headand IT Manager from the French Laundry. Find out how Jeffrey won the Cisco IT Security Makeover contest and how it’s made his life easier at the French Laundry. Hear from Carrie about the Cisco IT Security Makeover program and how Jeffrey was selected as the winner. Join us to find out how you can be the next winner.

  • Date/Time: Tuesday, October 9th / 12:00 –12:20pm
  • Speaker: Carrie Baker (Cisco Security) and Jeffrey Wilson (SpiceHead and IT Manager from the French Laundry)
  • Location: Tech Talk Theater

Has your IT gone wild?

Visit booth 28 and have our expert guides lead you through the Networking, Security and Compute jungle. Get your questions answered at our expert bar, satisfy your sweet tooth at our candy bar or get handsy with a Cisco Webex Team Board.

Resources & Social Media

Visit the SpiceWorld conference website for further event details.

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