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Crosswork User-Centric SON At-a-Glance

5G-ready RAN automation with user-centric network slicing

Using subscriber analytics information to identify high-speed or corporate devices, Cisco Crosswork™ User-Centric Self-Organizing Network (SON) creates cell groups that address specific highways and railways segments or enterprise accounts branches. The segmentation and slicing encompass any mix of RAN vendors and RAN technologies. This capability is foundational to enable additional segmentations such as roamers and NPS detractors, and enable connected-cars service awareness.

Automated roads and accounts discovery with 24-hour performance monitoring removes the need for any manual intervention, with a “set and forget” management policy approach



  • Deliver best-in-class user Quality of Experience (QoE) for highways and railways commuters, as well as enterprise accounts, with Key Quality Indicator (KQI)-oriented optimization
  • Increase efficiency using zerotouch Radio Access Network (RAN) automation
  • Reduce operations complexity with multi-vendor and multitechnology RAN optimization


Crosswork User-Centric SON

Figure 1. Overview of Cisco Crosswork User-Centric SON

Delivers improved user experience for network performance leadership 

Cisco® Crosswork User-Centric SON is designed to meet the demands of mobile service providers. It delivers unique closed-loop RAN automation and optimization enriched with crowd-sourced subscriber analytics data derived from several data sources, such as Call Data Record (CDR), geolocation, or crowd-sourcing platforms.

Cisco Crosswork User-Centric SON is then able to target identified low-performing cell sites with advanced interference mitigation, mobility optimization, and load-management techniques based on field-proven, closed-loop algorithms, in order to directly impact and improve the user QoE KQIs. This is significantly different from traditional solutions, which focus on network KPIs that don’t reflect the true subscriber experience.

Increase your network performance by double-digit percentages with true, user-experience impact. Deliver better call quality, improved mobility, and increased data rates for all types of services such as social media, OTT, and web downloads.

Boost your mobile customers experience with innovation leadership, now

Looking for customer-driven innovation and optimal operational efficiency? Start delivering an exceptional experience with Cisco Crosswork User Centric SON. For additional information, visit the Cisco Mobile Internet website or contact your local account representative.