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Cisco Crosswork SON At-a-Glance

What Crosswork SON does

The Cisco Crosswork SON a multi-technology, multi-vendor solution for RAN and other mobile network domains, an end-to-end automation solution that delivers the ability to reduce the operating cost (CapEx and OpEx) while improving user experience.


Cisco is the market leader in Self-Organizing Networks (SON)

The Cisco Crosswork SON replaces complexity with simplicity. It transforms your network into an elastic, intelligent infrastructure that empowers you to run your RAN automatically, dynamically, and in real time. With a single connection to the core and one to the OSS, the Cisco Crosswork SON can help you:

  • Reduce drop-call rates by up to 30 percent
  • Increase data capacity by up to 20 percent
  • Add new sites in hours without disrupting normal operations
  • Reduce operating and capital expenditures by saving on engineering and power resources
  • Postpone network expansion by better utilizing spectrum and equipment
  • Enable the launch of new services such as NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) and fast deployment of new 5G cells
  • Broaden your choice of vendors to help drive down costs



  • 5G readiness - The Cisco Crosswork™ Self-Organizing Network (SON) platform is a fully virtualized, microservice-based platform, with end-to-end viability and control over the mobile network
  • Cisco Crosswork SONFlex open APIs - The Cisco® Crosswork SONFlex open APIs enable third-party and operator developers to develop SON applications while having Cisco platform services available
  • Multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-spectrum, multi-architectures – Cisco Crosswork SON simplifies network densification. Acting as a single point for any network Radio Access Network (RAN) vendors, technologies, and spectrum mixes, Crosswork SON platform automates them all, as if part of a unified single network
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx - In rapid network adjustments, Cisco Crosswork SON can reduce time to market of new automation applications and help customers deploy new services, such as 5G or Internet of Things (IoT). Cisco Crosswork SON allows operators to deliver exceptionally high levels of customer experience
  • Machine-learning engine – The Crosswork SON ML engine enables Cisco Crosswork SON to become a proactive solution that can predict network performance and quality of experience degradation before it happens. It is able to identify root causes and recommend optimal actions to take
  • End-to-end automation solution - As part of the Cisco Crosswork mobility umbrella, the Crosswork SON is a future-proof solution for 5G optimization, supporting integration into multiple network domains such as the transport and backhaul, the core, and policy domains. It helps to enable end-to-end service optimization solutions

As part of the Cisco Crosswork mobility platform, it is an industry-leading, future-proof solution for 5G optimization, supporting integration into multiple network domains such as transport and backhaul, the core, and policy domains, enabling end-to-end service optimization solutions.

Figure 1. Overview of Crosswork SON platform and services

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