Strengthening the Chain

From distributors to suppliers, associates to IT buyers and more, there are many hands working to keep the robust customer-driven value chain intact.

The retail world is constantly evolving as customers demand more from their experiences with retail brands. 61% of retailers are implementing new strategies to transform their business to stay ahead of the curve and meet the expectations of the modern consumer.

Up close and personalized

Acquiring a new customer is five times more costly than re-engaging an existing customer (Source: That’s why retailers need advanced solutions engineered for customer satisfaction and retention. In-store and e-commerce data analytics, which track omnichannel engagement, not only provide insights about consumer preference opportunities from engagement, they can also help curate personalized experiences that draw customers back.

In the last 12 months, 76% of retailers have adopted supply chain technologies to improve the customer experience. How are you using innovation to elevate your business?

Retailers that integrate digital technologies improve service levels and cut costs by up to 30%.

Source: Bain & Company

Companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement strategies achieve 89% retention--versus 33% for those with weak strategies.

Source: Aberdeen Group

86% of consumers said they would pay more for products if they had received a better customer experience.

Source: A Walker Study

84% of consumers say they won’t return to a brand after just one poor experience.


Return on innovation; the new ROI

Keeping customers pleased enough to sing your praises is vital but so is making sure your business’ books have a happy ending. It’s essential to utilize strategic digital solutions that deliver on customer expectations while streamlining operations and associated costs. With an intelligent infrastructure that simplifies IT and is compatible across the value chain, Cisco can help retailers remain agile and leverage a network that works for retailers--and with retailers--to meet evolving business needs.

Safety. Security. Intelligence. Efficiency. Associate productivity. Curated experiences. Savings. Bring it all together with Cisco.

Intelligent automation capabilities could help increase retail annual revenue growth by up to 10%.

Source: Total Retail Publication

Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to scale across the value chain, retailers can save as much as $340 billion.

Source: Capgemini

For you; for customers; for all of retail

Partnering with Cisco for your retail needs creates the ultimate win-win-win situation. With a foundational network infrastructure that lets you focus on what matters most, retailers and associates can better integrate POS systems, inventory management, e-commerce platforms, and employee communication and training. Engaging experiences for customers, suppliers, and fulfillment partners benefit from a strong IT backbone that supports every digital touchpoint throughout the value chain. And IT directors, supply chain VPs, CFOs, etc. can maximize investments and ROI with solutions designed for optimum efficiency.

Between a product that sells and a brand that thrives, there’s a bridge

Discover how Cisco’s solutions for retail can help you gain the competitive advantage needed for your company’s present and future success.

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