Why Cisco for Healthcare

Cisco has innovative solutions that lay the foundation for a more connected, secure, and sustainable future in healthcare.

What makes us different

For almost 40 years, Cisco technologies have helped healthcare organizations, hospitals, and clinics worldwide to facilitate patient care and create more efficient workflows.

We understand the shift to care anywhere

In today's digital-first world, an organization's ability to deliver positive patient experiences is important. Cisco's collaboration and digital front door technologies help you keep patients engaged, while supporting telehealth and virtual care.

We help you scale limited resources

Clinicians are, understandably, burnt out, and healthcare organizations are facing extreme staffing shortages. Our technologies can help reduce the burden on clinicians with digital-first workflows, and help scale limited resources through the expansion of virtual care, hybrid work, and digital front door.

We help you protect patients and their data

A security breach can cost your organization more than just money. Reputation and care delivery reliability are on the line. Defend against threats and help safeguard patient data and medical devices with security resilience.

Duo was awarded best in KLAS in identity and access management.

We help you reimagine facilities for the future

Smart, connected, and sustainable spaces are the future of healthcare. Cisco can support you in making the most of your buildings and can help reduce your organization's carbon footprint and impact on climate change by using technology solutions. 

We have proven expertise

Cisco Customer Experience helps you get to the outcomes that matter most, with world-leading experts and unmatched digital intelligence to accelerate your success. With Cisco CX, you can optimize for today's challenges, gain the agility for tomorrow's changes, and innovate for a future redefined. 

We make industry-leading solutions possible

Cisco has an extensive global partner ecosystem to provide the solutions you need to move your healthcare organization forward.

Ready to get started

This year we've helped over 21,700 healthcare organizations, hospitals, and clinics in 124 countries to achieve their digital transformation goals. So, no matter what you're trying to achieve, we'll help build the bridge to get you there.