Cisco Remote Expert for Insurance

Real-Time Insurance Services

See how Cisco Remote Expert helps an insurance company improve its customer experience.

Increase Sales, Savings, and Productivity

Mobility has dramatically changed how people shop and learn, and conduct daily transactions. Young professionals, families, and small-business owners expect instant, convenient access to information and assistance - especially when they're shopping for a complex product like insurance.

Cisco Remote Expert for Insurance helps you deliver a personal, engaging experience to customers through the convenience of their mobile devices. Make it easy for your customers to connect with you face to face anywhere, any time, on any device. Increase customer trust by turning impersonal experiences into personal interactions. And while you differentiate your brand, you are building closer relationships and meeting customers' insurance needs right when your customers are most likely to purchase.

Today's insurance agents are a model for the mobile worker. They must be out of their offices meeting with customers, and while mobile, they must also be able to connect to their carriers. With Cisco Remote Expert, the agents in the field can now

  • Quickly connect to the carrier's experts in policy underwriting, claims, complex financial products, and customer service
  • Bring experts into the conversation from customers' home through face-to-face interactions with the expert with video, and close more business faster

Back in the office, agents can also reach out to experts for specialized underwriting areas, such as aviation, marine, or commercial property, so that policies can be written correctly the first time.

Solution Overview