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The Top 6 Reasons Oil and Gas Companies Turn to Cisco

The Top 6 Reasons Oil and Gas
Companies Turn to Cisco

We’re a trusted leader in industrial networking.

According to IDC, 75 percent of large oil and gas companies will update operations with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and analytics by 2019. An intuitive network from Cisco, as well as its easy-to-use management tools, can streamline your operations and reduce downtime and costs. In fact, Cisco was recently named number one in market share for industrial managed switches. We support the top industrial automation and control system (IACS) protocols, such as Ethernet IP, Profinet, and CC-Link.

We understand IT and OT (and their convergence).

IT and OT convergence is transforming oil and gas in ways neither function could have imagined. One result is that all facets (upstream, midstream, and downstream) are investing in digital technology. As a leader in enterprise and industrial networking, Cisco is uniquely positioned to help unite IT and operations for digitization initiatives that save money, increase safety and security, and improve operations.

OT security requires more than just segmentation.

Oil and gas operations have always been a rich target for cyberattacks, given the expanded attack surface across connected assets. Refineries also risk physical damage, facility downtime, and breaches of customer data and intellectual property. Cisco® industrial security will help you segment the OT environment, but also detect suspicious traffic flows, policy violations, and compromised devices. As a result, you can reduce risks across all traffic—both unencrypted and encrypted—by understanding how, when, where, and why users and devices connect to your network.

We know the unique challenges of industrial wireless — and can solve them.

If you do it right, a Wi-Fi network in the plant or field can help you reduce operating costs, enable mobility, and make crucial real-time decisions. Cisco technology is designed to withstand rugged environments such as refineries, plants, and field sites in oil and gas fields. Our wireless solutions can help you securely and reliably connect machines and people—and strategically combine wireless with cabled networks.

We’ll partner with you to solve problems holistically.

Cisco Services offers oil and gas customers a premier consulting and technical support ecosystem that can help you more quickly realize the value of your technology investments. Whether you want to better anticipate industry changes, implement your technology, or secure your factory and reduce your risk, our services teams can help you make the most of your connected solutions.

You can leverage our ecosystem of industrial partners.

By working with Cisco, you’re also gaining access to a large ecosystem of industrial partners. We work closely with software providers, systems integrators, and industry technology vendors to deliver complete solutions and business outcomes for oil & gas customers. By offering oil & gas-focused solutions such as edge computing, our partners can help you connect legacy equipment to Ethernet networks for communications and real-time insights.