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SAP and Cisco Solutions

Empowering intelligent enterprises everywhere.

Enterprise value

Dependable infrastructure

Connect SAP applications and users across the enterprise with the best foundation for a modern, flexible, and efficient SAP environment.

Adaptable platforms

Ensure SAP environments are deployed, managed, and optimized easily for enhanced functionality across the entire data management suite.

Continuous innovation

Take advantage of world-class R&D that consistently finds new ways to innovate, drive business agility, and do more with your data.

Dependable infrastructure, adaptable platforms and continuous innovation are at the core of our strategic partnership with SAP. Learn more about our solutions.

Explore our solutions

Cisco DNA Spaces for SAP

Integrate on-location behavior data of people and things into SAP software to gather new business insights.

SAP Data Hub for Cisco Container Platform

Run production-grade environments safely on prem or in a hybrid cloud mode.

Compute solutions for SAP

Cisco UCS & Hyperflex Servers: The first Policy-based Solutions for Multicloud SAP Infrastructure.

AppDynamics for SAP

Full-stack SAP visibility to optimize your enterprise's performance and focus on critical business outcomes. 

Modern SAP Monitoring

A guide to putting business performance first when monitoring your distributed SAP landscape. 

News and events

Introducing SAP Peak

Correlate business outcomes to the performance of your mission critical SAP business processes. 

TechWise TV

See how you can easily visualize and manage your entire distributed data and landscape.

Digitizing physical spaces

Cisco’s Leel Peesapati discusses how digital spaces are being used and how they compare with each other at SAP Sapphire.

Cisco and SAP Strategic Partnership Update

From IOT to cloud computing, find out how our partnership is evolving.