Empower your Organization with Cisco EnergyWise Suite solutions

Empower your Organization with Cisco EnergyWise Suite solutions

See, measure, and manage energy across data centers and distributed office.

Cut Energy Costs Across Your Organization

See, measure, and manage your IT energy use with the Cisco EnergyWise Suite of software and services. You can save up to 35 percent of your IT energy costs and reduce switch port costs by up to US$50 per port, per year across your distributed office environment. You can gain 100 percent visibility of the energy used throughout your data center. Through a single dashboard, you will see how and where energy is used by every device connected to your network.

With Cisco EnergyWise Suite, you can cut costs by managing your energy use. Automated features in the management software allow you to implement policies to reduce energy costs across your distributed office and increase efficiency ad agility in your data centers. By measuring, reporting, and reducing energy consumption across the entire corporate infrastructure, the innovative Cisco EnergyWise technology can significantly reduce your organization's operating expenses.

Distributed Office

Learn how to reduce energy costs by up to 35 percent with Cisco EnergyWise Management for Distributed Offices

Data Center

Boost the energy efficiency of your data center by seeing, measuring, and managing the energy use of all network-connected devices. Learn more about Cisco EnergyWise Management for Data Center

Get Started with Cisco EnergyWise Services

See, measure, and manage your energy use while reducing your organization's environmental impact with help from Cisco and our certified partners. The following Cisco EnergyWise services help businesses assess their energy use, discover energy savings opportunities and boost efficiency.

Begin your energy management project with a Cisco EnergyWise Discovery Service.

Optimize your energy performance with the Cisco EnergyWise Optimization Service.