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Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare Location-Based Services

Hospitals and clinics around the world are facing unprecedented challenges and rapidly increasing volumes of care resulting from COVID-19. To optimize efficiency and responsiveness, healthcare providers need systemwide visibility into the location of assets and people.

Cisco, in partnership with STANLEY Healthcare, is supporting healthcare providers with offers that help enable rapid deployment and integration of Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare solutions.

Supporting rapid deployment of location solutions

Real-time visibility into the locations and behaviors of people and things can play a crucial role in helping healthcare providers deal with the rapidly increasing demand and complexity caused by the pandemic. With that ability, providers can manage critical assets, monitor key supplies and materials, and track staff locations.

Cisco and STANLEY Healthcare are collaborating to offer solutions that healthcare organizations can use to quickly and efficiently add or expand location services for both temporary and traditional healthcare facilities.

The offers include a free 90-day subscription to the Cisco DNA Spaces cloud-based location platform. They support the following key use cases with STANLEY Healthcare.

  • Asset management: Use real-time location information to quickly locate the closest available assets and improve asset utilization. Track historical movement of equipment and devices to improve efficiency and help ensure compliance with cleaning and sanitization protocols.
  • Environmental monitoring: Monitor temperatures with wireless to protect valuable materials, including test kits, pharmaceuticals, and blood products, that need to be kept in controlled conditions and monitored continuously.
  • Patient call and emergency call (nurse call) applications: Expand patient call systems to new or temporary sites to enable patients to call for assistance and hospital staff to use Wi-Fi devices to receive notifications.

Cisco DNA Spaces can be quickly deployed on Cisco Aironet and Cisco Catalyst wireless networks to provide real-time location data and cloud monitoring for STANLEY Healthcare's Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions. The Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare integration can give healthcare providers the real-time insights and information they need in an easy-to-deploy and highly scalable and reliable solution.

Offer details

The offers cover a free 90-day Cisco DNA Spaces Extend subscription for new customers or a free 90-day upgrade to the Extend license for current Cisco DNA Spaces customers.

Current Cisco DNA Spaces Extend or Act customers can expand their subscriptions to cover additional areas free for 90 days.

The offers include account creation, activation, setup guidance and assistance, and 24x7 support for 90 days (all delivered remotely).

Customers can extend the subscriptions after 90 days by purchasing Cisco DNA Spaces Extend or Act subscriptions.

Additional offers, with reduced pricing on hardware, software, services, and support for asset management, environmental monitoring, and patient call, are available through STANLEY Healthcare (additional terms and conditions apply with each offer):


  • Licenses are valid for 90 days from date of activation.
  • These offers are available through December 31, 2021 the deadline for registering for the offers.
  • Must be deployed with STANLEY Healthcare and include the necessary technical components from Cisco and STANLEY Healthcare.
  • The offers are valid only with Cisco DNA Spaces cloud- and connector-based deployments. They are not valid with Cisco CMX 10 on-premises.
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply.
  • To determine eligibility, please contact your Cisco account manager or representative.

The offers are available in selected geographies where the deployment of Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare can be supported. Please contact your Cisco account manager or a Cisco representative for more information and to determine eligibility.

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