Greenplum MR on Cisco UCS

Cisco and Greenplum

Deliver High-Performance Hadoop Reference Configurations.

A Comprehensive Platform for Big Data Deployment

As the leader in data center networking, and now a leading player in the server market, Cisco is partnering with Greenplum, a division of EMC, to provide a platform for enterprise Hadoop deployments.

The Cisco Greenplum MR Reference Configuration delivers an integrated, end-to-end software and hardware infrastructure that can significantly reduce time to value and the operating expenses associated with your big data solution implementations.

Fully tested and validated, the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Greenplum MR is backed by enterprise class service and support from Cisco and EMC.

Additional Benefits

The Cisco EMC-Greenplum MR Data Analytics reference architecture provides excellent performance, scalability, and ease of management:

  • At the core the Cisco Unified Computing System provides a flexible, high-performance platform that can be optimized and easily scaled to meet most demanding performance and capacity requirements.
  • Based on the MapR M5 Distribution, Greenplum MR provides two to five times faster performance than other Hadoop distributions and is 100 percent compatible with Apache Hadoop.
  • Cisco UCS unified fabric architecture provides fully redundant, highly scalable, lossless 10 Gbps unified fabric connectivity for your big data applications as well as seamless integration with existing UCS deployments.
  • Cisco UCS Manager delivers unified, model-based management that applies personality and configures server, network, and storage connectivity resources, making it as easy to deploy hundreds of servers as to deploy a single server.


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