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Make your data work for you

Data is the foundation of digital business. Make the transformative power of Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data the foundation for the future of your business.

What Cisco Big Data and Analytics solutions can do for you

Boost staff productivity. Improve big data and analytics solution performance. Drive efficiencies in IT operations. Increase competitiveness by decreasing time to market.

Increase in data scientist productivity

Leader in TPC big data benchmark results

Lower IT cost of operations

What's inside our Big Data and Analytics solutions

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics

Quickly and efficiently deliver out-of-the-box performance while scaling from small to very large as your business and your big data and analytics requirements grow.

Cisco Unified Computing System

With Cisco UCS you can fine-tune your environment to support the unique needs of big data and analytics. At the same time, power all your data intensive workloads on a centrally managed, highly scalable system.

Cisco Unified Fabric

Our Unified Fabric architecture comprises switching, security, and services designed for physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It integrates with servers, storage, and orchestration platforms for efficient operations and scalability.

Cisco Unified Management

UCS Director Express for Big Data automates Hadoop deployment on Cisco’s Big Data infrastructure solutions. It provides one management pane across both physical infrastructure and Hadoop software.

Cisco Validated Designs (CVD)

CVDs provide the foundation for systems design based on common use cases. Uniting a broad set of technologies and features, each has been tested by Cisco to ensure faster, more reliable, and predictable Apache Hadoop and Spark deployments.

    Gartner IOCS in Las Vegas

    how to accelerate innovation and agility in a hybrid world.

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    Gain value from data throughout your business with fast performance, simple management, and robust security.


    Get an integrated, optimized infrastructure and a Hadoop-based data platform for scalability and tiered security.


    Make machine data accessible, usable, and valuable with Cisco and Splunk.


    Transform business in real time through data-driven insights.


    Get an integrated, optimized infrastructure and a Hadoop-based data platform for scalability and tiered security.


    Cisco combines UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data with IBM Big Insights.


    SAS and Cisco UCS deliver real-time analytics with high-performance computing to scale with your business needs.

    Get analytics with Cisco and SAS

    Together we help you gain real-time insights, improve business performance, and mitigate risk.


      Cisco Solution Support

      Get centralized support when you’re using more than one vendor. This service offers a primary point of contact, solution-focused expertise, and coordination between vendors.

      New platform reduces query time by up to 92%

      We have a lot of smart people who have been hamstrung by technology and its ability to implement their ideas. Now they have improved ways of executing analytics which opens up the ability to create new and innovative solutions for our clients.

      Alan Shaw Head of Technology Operations Quantium

      Meet our experts

      Bridging the gap between data scientists and IT

      Han Yang explains that…”Cisco is working with the artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystem, Cisco is bridging the gap between data scientist and IT. At the end of the day, Cisco’s goal is to accelerate your the machine learning deployment and refine the mining of your data.

      News and events

      IDC calculates 5-year ROI at 426%

      Companies using UCS as a platform for big data are expected to break even at 9 months.

      The new AI/ML era

      What do you need to successfully deploy AI and machine learning in your organization?

      Cisco a leader in big data

      Forrester evaluates Hadoop-optimized system vendors in this May 2016 report.

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