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Cisco DNA Spaces for Workspaces

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Updated:November 8, 2021

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    (137.8 KB)
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Updated:November 8, 2021


The bridge between the data available in your physical space and the insights that data provides.

Product overview

With Cisco, businesses can transform the workplace experience by unlocking the power of data and embracing a cloud-based future made possible by a proven network infrastructure. The result is an engaged and empowered workforce and a physical environment that surpasses user expectations.

Cisco DNA Spaces provides a vital link between the data available in your physical space and the insights that data provides. This lets businesses create a trusted workplace with solutions that help manage density and proximity. Businesses can also use the platform to communicate with employees about the current environment and exposure incidents and to help them find their way through the building. These engagements help strengthen a sense of personal safety and improve workplace experience and productivity.



Enable a safe workplace with indoor location services that provide meaningful, real-time data about who is in your workplace and where they go.


IoT services for smart buildings let your switches and access points act as a unifying layer between different wired and wireless IoT solutions, giving you more options and greater flexibility than stand-alone solutions.


Offer seamless wireless access with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device onboarding that simplifies connections and opens new opportunities for engagement and revenue.

Workplace use cases

Safe space utilization

Support a safe workplace with social density automation and intelligent touchless experiences.

     Right Now app on Cisco DNA Spaces and Webex® devices

     Ability to create density thresholds and monitor capacity

     Automated real-time notifications

Improved operational efficiencies

Improve efficiencies and employee safety by knowing where equipment is located throughout the workspace with critical asset tracking.

     Cisco DNA Spaces asset tags

     Real-time wireless location data

     Trigger notifications if an asset is in the wrong place

Secure and seamless mobility

Provide a frictionless mobile experience to engage visitors and monetize Wi Fi.


     Captive portals

     Software development kit for loyalty app integration

Be ready for scale with an open platform

Most location-based solutions in the market today require proprietary, vendor-specific hardware and software. This limits the variety of use cases they can handle and creates management complexity.

By contrast, Cisco DNA Spaces is an open platform that sits at the nexus of a broad ecosystem of device and software partners, channel partners, and industry associations.

Our ability to unify management in a multivendor, multitechnology environment using the existing wireless and switching infrastructure is the reason why our platform can address more use cases, scale more easily, and deliver better business outcomes for our customers.

Learn more

To learn more about Cisco DNA Spaces and how it can help to digitize your physical space, read the Cisco DNA Spaces solution overview and visit https://www.cisco.com/go/dnaspaces




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