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Cisco DNA Center Advise and Implement At-a-Glance

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Updated:August 11, 2020

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Updated:August 11, 2020

Table of Contents



Accelerate your journey to intent-based networking

Digital transformation is fueled by major technology trends: mobility, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing. To capture the opportunity, you need to adapt constantly. You need real-time insights and personalized experiences, automation and assurance, security and compliance.

To accelerate your intent-based networking journey, the Cisco Customer Experience (CX) team provides expert guidance to help you unlock your network’s full potential. With proven experience, access to Cisco best practices, and innovative tools, we help you realize the promise of Cisco DNA Center—enabling new software and integration capabilities that deliver greater automation, intelligence, and high-speed analytics.

Cisco DNA Center Advise and Implement service helps ensure rapid deployment of Cisco DNA Center for simplified control of wired and wireless environments across campus, branch, and WAN. Taking an architectural approach to policy automation and assurance, Cisco experts work with your IT staff to manage, scale, and secure your Cisco DNA Center solution.

During your service engagement, our experts work to get your team and solution ready to deliver the results you expect. Our service addresses the following areas:

      Design: Build the network hierarchy and image repository, and configure network settings

      Policy: Enable a single Cisco DNA Center management instance, including configuration of virtual networks, access control, and application priority

      Provisioning: Enable world-class configuration and automation for device onboarding, device inventory, and fabric administration

      Assurance: Enable actionable insights, end-to-end visibility, proactive performance management, closed-loop automation, and streaming telemetry

Accelerate your journey to intent-based networking

Unlock the network’s full potential as a platform for digital business

Cisco DNA Center is the open network platform that organizations can count on to streamline operations and enable innovation today and into the future. Our experts make it easy to get started, so you can begin leveraging advanced analytics and actionable insights for your business. Let us get you on the fast track to optimize network performance and streamline operations so that you can deliver the best user and application experience possible.


      Meet business goals with a strategic plan and roadmap for network automation and assurance

      Reduce security risk with policy-based segmentation

      Increase performance, security, and reliability with a validated design

      Streamline IT operations with custom network and IT Service Management (ITSM) solution integration

      Enhance manageability with creation and integration of third-party device packs

      Reduce migration risk using predictive steps, quality-assured methodology, and state-of-the-art tools

      Speed time to value with end-to-end scale, interoperability, and performance testing

      Develop and integrate custom network, business, and financial applications

      Simplify ongoing solution management with proactive operational guidance

Cisco experts help extend the value of your Cisco DNA Center solution by providing software integration and enhancements. This greatly streamlines operations, with workflow automation across domains, management of heterogeneous networks and IT systems, and integration of business and IT applications.

Cisco DNA Center Advise and Implement services provide solution design and implementation support to help you quickly get your Cisco DNA Center solution up and running. Our team develops use case requirements and solution design by helping to define policies and assisting with the segmentation and provisioning of the wired and wireless network. In addition, we build the software image repository and automate its deployment. To enhance assurance and analytics, we define business rules, automate alerts, and enable Wi-Fi analytics with iOS and hyperlocation. We provide implementation planning, software implementation, customization, and integration, as well as testing support. We also deliver a thorough knowledge transfer so you can continue to operate Cisco DNA Center solution with ease.

Cisco DNA Center

For more information about this and other Cisco Customer Experience services, contact your local account representative or visit https://www.cisco.com/go/enservices.

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