Get the best meeting experience

Get the best meeting experience

Find out how Cisco Spark Hybrid Media Service brings together the benefits of cloud and on-premises deployments.

Deliver the best meeting experiences

Find out how Cisco Spark Hybrid Media Service bridges cloud and premises.

Extend Cisco Spark meetings to everyone

Bring everyone together with Cisco Spark meetings that use your existing on-premises infrastructure and can use the cloud when needed.

Cisco Spark Hybrid Media Service empowers you to provide great meeting experiences to everyone in your organization. Cisco Spark meetings enable everyone to connect, share, and collaborate, and with the Hybrid Media Service, you can deliver the best user experience possible. You can keep media on-premises, providing a high quality user experience, and allow meetings to overflow to the cloud when needed. This optimizes the return on your on-premises investment, improves quality by minimizing latency, and keeps your internet bandwidth costs down.

Anyone can join a meeting from any standards based video device or app, whether registered to on-premises or cloud-based call control, and from Skype for Business.

At the heart of Cisco Spark Hybrid Media Service is the Hybrid Media Node, which is installed on a Cisco UCS server in your network. The Media Node registers to and is managed by Cisco Spark in the cloud. The Cisco Spark Hub provides visibility of usage so that you can track adoption, and delivers automatic software updates so your software is always up to date.

Features and Capabilities

  • Reduced network bandwidth consumption while maintaining high quality audio, video, and content sharing
  • Transparent overflow to the cloud
  • Cloud-based provisioning, usage metrics, and automated delivery of software updates
  • One seamless meeting experience for everyone
  • Easy installation and configuration

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