Case Study: Northland Pioneer College

Using video to connect students in rural America

Located in Navajo County, serving one of the poorest and remote districts in Arizona, Northland Pioneer College (NPC) needed an affordable and effective way to connect high school students to the college classroom. Learn how NPC used Cisco Webex video conferencing solutions to deliver college classes to Cibecue High School.



  • High School's difficulty hiring qualified instructors to teach dual-enrollment courses (college credit in high school), limiting the opportunities for their students
  • Some Northland Pioneer College students live one to two hours or more from campus
  • Declining student enrollment


Impressive outcomes

  • Partnering with 16 area high schools
  • NPC serves over 6,000 students who actively participate in distance learning
  • Providing additional services like college advisement, career and financial planning, and tutoring

College-level courses bring opportunity

Utilizing Cisco technology allows NPC to open the doors to college education for high school students, many of whom would probably never have considered attending college. We're opening the doors for these students to transform their lives, which also opens the doors for communities to change their economic sustainability.

Dr. Jessica Clark, VP of Learning & Student Services, Northland Pioneer College

Who is Northland Pioneer College?

Industry: Higher Education
Service Area: Both Navajo and Apache counties, an area of approximately 21,158 square miles!
Size: 6,000+ students