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Cisco Universal Small Cell 5310

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Cisco Universal Small Cell 5310view expanded image

Modular Innovation for Small Cell Integration

The Cisco 3G Small Cell Module takes advantage of the flexible modular design of the award-winning Cisco Aironet 3600 Series. It offers mobile operators a rapidly deployable, licensed, radio network extension to the Cisco SP Wi-Fi solution, creating a new platform for mobile broadband services.

Features and Capabilities

Three key challenges face mobile operators interested in deploying licensed small cells: where to hang them, how to power them, and how to backhaul the traffic. Cisco solves these problems with innovation. Building on the Cisco Aironet heritage of robust, award-winning Wi-Fi access point design, the 3600 Series delivers extreme flexibility with its modular configuration.

The 3G Small Cell Module is the first licensed radio module to take advantage of this flexibility by delivering a fully integrated, high-performance, low-cost 3G small cell for voice, data and messaging services.


  • Reduced network and operations costs. By integrating the 3G Small Cell Module into the 3600 Series, network, power, and operating costs can be dramatically reduced. The 3G Small Cell Module appears as a new device in the existing management infrastructure, reducing support costs.
  • Reduced Capital Expenditures. Reuse of a single Ethernet connection from the wired network to deploy a licensed radio can lower the capital expenditures required for wide scale small cell deployment.
  • Install, power up, and go with zero-touch configuration. There are no extra steps required to enable the 3G Small Cell Module to be up and running in a DHCP environment. This approach can quickly provide 3G coverage to end users.
  • Highly secure, carrier-grade, 3G base station technology. The 3G Small Cell Module provides the technology equivalent of an in-building mini cell tower. The device is highly secure and fully managed by the mobile operator to provide for 3G signals inside an office or enterprise.
  • Standards-based. The 3G Access Module operates as a Home Node B (HNB) in the standard 3GPP Architecture for small cells, and is connected to the network with the specified Iuh interface. This architecture provides for rapid deployment and multivendor interoperability.

Specifications at a Glance

  • 3GPP Release 8 support for WCDMA and high-speed packet access (HSPA): Supports a wide range of global handsets and dongles
  • R99 voice support: High-quality voice call on mobile devices using global mobile standards
  • HSPA/HSPA+: Packet data support for high-speed Internet and intranet communications using packet data upload and download
  • Messaging and supplementary service support: Send a text message, set a voicemail icon, or send an emergency broadcast
  • Emergency call support: Support for E911, 112, 999, or other national and international standards for emergency voice call services
  • Low power output: Matched to the coverage needs inside a building

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