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Cisco Packet Data Serving Node

Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN) provides the primary wireless mobile data access to the internet, intranets, and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) servers for mobile stations utilizing a CDMA2000 Radio Access Network (RAN). The Cisco PDSN provides gateway, Foreign Agent (FA), and packet transport for Virtual Private Networking (VPN) functionality in support of two primary services, Simple IP and Mobile IP. Cisco PDSN supports both 1xRTT transport capability and 1xEVDO. It also acts as an Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) client. A complete Cisco PDSN Solution would also include the Home Agent (HA) and AAA server.

The key benefits of the Cisco solution are as follows:

  • Standards compliance: Assuring interoperability and enabling faster time to market. Cisco System's PDSN supports all required standards, allowing Cisco PDSN to interwork with any Radio Vendor providing an open R-P interface. These standards include the 3GPP2 TSG-P standard, which defines the overall structure of a CDMA2000 network, and the 3GPP2 TSG-A standard, which focuses on the radio side and the interfaces between radio components and the PDSN.
  • Powerful extensions to the PDSN standards to enhance availability, scalability, and the customer experience: These include proxy mobile IP, intelligent PDSN clustering and selection, shared PPP tunnels (for multiple IP flows from a single mobile station), and Pre-paid billing (quota, volume, and time measurement).
  • Full power of the IOS: Cisco Systems PDSN solution can leverage the proven features of the Cisco IOS, including quality of service (QoS), security, VPNs, and integrated voice/data.
  • End to end IP solution: This solution includes not only the PDSN, but also the home agent, the AAA server, firewalls, DHCP, DNS, routers and switches.
  • Vision: The Cisco PDSN solution is only one phase of a multi-phase plan to provide a best-of-breed 3G solution.