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Cisco Videoscape Advertising Management

Bring Advertising to New Screens and Services

Get all the tools you need to integrate your current advertising systems into new multiscreen video services with Cisco Videoscape Advertising Management. You also get new tools to increase advertising revenue, deliver more relevant advertisements over more channels, and increase the value of your content and advertising inventory.

Features and Capabilities

To deliver any next-generation video service, you have to integrate your existing zoned advertising and decision management systems. To generate the return on investment that you need, you must be able to extend critical advertising revenue streams to these new applications.

Cisco Videoscape Advertising Management provides the operational control plane elements needed to integrate new video services, such as cloud-based video recording and multiscreen TV, with your existing advertising sales and distribution model. You can support more advanced advertising capabilities, such as those available in the Cisco Videoscape Advertising Suite. Intelligent Cisco Videoscape control-plane technologies help you extend zoned linear advertising to new cloud-based video offerings and multiple consumer devices, including:

  • PCs
  • Mobile devices
  • Gaming consoles

With common solutions across a unified control plane, you can support advertising over conventional MPEG2 services, IP multicast services, adaptive bit rate (ABR) services, and more. At the same time, Cisco Videoscape Advertising Management provides a powerful control plane platform for more dynamic advertising capabilities.

With new advertising capabilities, you can:

Increase Revenue

Expanding advertising inventory and extend advertisements to new devices and services.

Reclaim Lost Revenue Opportunities

Substitute new revenue-generating advertisements in recorded content.

Better Target Advertisements

Provide more advanced, addressable advertisements based on subscriber location, device, and behavior.

Localize Advertising

Sell more localized (and profitable) advertising through dynamic advertising across multiple platforms.

Cut Costs

Offset the costs of deploying new multiscreen video services by generating new incremental advertising revenue.

Learn More About Subscribers

Gain intelligence from all your subscribers' screens and services to help support new dynamic advertising models in the future.

Support Advanced Advertising Applications

That includes Cisco Videoscape Audience Measurement, TV Addressable Advertising, and Multiscreen Advertising with the Cisco Videoscape Advertising Suite.

Cisco Videoscape Advertising Management is part of the Cisco Videoscape Control Suite, a complete control-plane framework for today's heterogeneous, cloud-connected environments. Cisco Videoscape Control Suite transforms the service provider control plane from a rigid, monolithic system to a more scalable and flexible data center model.

With this suite, you can provision the full range of modern video services as virtualized services that can be deployed quickly and economically, including:

  • Endpoint management
  • Identity
  • Advertising
  • Security

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