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Cisco Stretch Tap Plug-Ins and Accessories

Make Stretch Taps Work Harder on Your Network

Scientific Atlanta's Stretch tap plug-ins and accessories series gives broadband operators more flexibility in their deployments that use the company's Stretch taps. Multimedia Directional couplers deliver clearer, more reliable delivery of reverse services over a hybrid fiber/coax transmission system. And the Twisted Pair module converts a Scientific-Atlanta Multimedia Stretch Tap Technician Access product from coax drop powering to twisted pair port-powering for integration with traditional telephony networks.

Scientific Atlanta's Stretch taps are trusted by every major MSO, as well as by many small and mid-size network operators. Along with the company's traditional size taps, they offer the most complete product line available, with industry leading specifications and features. Put it all together, and operators get a clean, clear signal, combined with the flexibility and security today's applications demand.

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