Cisco Prisma D-PON

Meeting and Beating the Bandwidth Crunch

The delivery of bandwidth-intensive content is creating a bandwidth crunch for cable operators. To support continued bandwidth demands, an innovative solution based on proven technologies is needed to:

  • Alleviate the need for costly overbuilds
  • Support rapid service launch velocity
  • Deliver flexible, scalable networks

Cable operators need a cable-centric/cable-friendly fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology that does not require the significant changes to network infrastructure and back-office operations that was necessary with earlier FTTH cable architectures.

Cisco Prisma D-PON
The Cisco D-PON solution delivers an industry-leading FTTH option for cable service providers. It provides the benefits of an industry standard outside plant (OSP) passive optical network (PON) architecture, while maintaining the existing HFC back office systems such as billing and operations support systems; broadcast, narrowcast and switched digital video; video-on-demand; DOCSIS data and voice over Internet protocol; and video over DOCSIS.

The Cisco Prisma D-PON solution is the ideal union of existing HFC systems and the powerful potential of an all-fiber network, including support for incremental FTTH growth on a future-flexible, low-maintenance architecture.

The Prisma D-PON solution consists of forward path components, a WDM element, a reverse path component and an optical network terminal or unit (ONT or ONU). The Cisco Prisma D-PON solution provides you with:

  • Low-cost solution for master planned community (MPC) and greenfield growth
  • Robust bandwidth - capable of supporting multiple DOCSIS devices and DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding in the upstream through a 28dB link budget
  • Future flexible network - creating a low cost future upgrade path
  • Leverages existing back office infrastructure
  • Industry leading performance... it's RFoG+

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