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Cisco MXE 3500 Series (Media Experience Engines)

Cisco MXE 3500 Series (Media Experience Engines)view expanded image

Enterprise Video Platform

The Capture, Transform, Share solution helps to enable video on demand, live streaming, and video speech search capabilities.

15 Minute Guide to Pulse Video Analytics

Increase the value of your video content by making it searchable.

Pulse Video Analytics

Cisco Pulse Video Analytics-an option on the MXE 3500-delivers a powerful new way to find and view video content quickly and easily. Now you can allow viewers to search for specific content or speakers within individual videos. With Pulse Video Analytics you can:

  • Set automatic tag and index capabilities so you can search videos by spoken phrase or word, making video content easy to find and navigate
  • Automate vocabulary creation for spoken-word tagging based on a customized list of relevant terms
  • Offer speaker identification so you can quickly locate and view relevant content by who is speaking

Easy Video Management for Many Uses

Improve communication and collaboration with the Cisco MXE 3500 (Media Experience Engine) to enable video everywhere in the enterprise.

The MXE 3500 extends the reach and usefulness of video for collaboration and communications through a collection of vital media transformation services, along with transparent integration into media processing workflows as video files and live streams are created, transported, and consumed over the network.

This opens the door to many uses such as meetings, events, training and education, organizational communications, safety and security, and advertising where video enables faster business decision making, global collaboration, and scaling of expertise.

Any-to-Any Media Adaption Services

With any to any media adaptation on the MXE 3500, recorded and live video content is automatically adapted from a range of incompatible media formats, resolutions, and speeds, from standard-definition [SD] up to full high-definition [HD], so they can be viewed on demand or live by a wide variety of playback devices and applications, such as Cisco Show and Share.

Media Post-Productions

The media post-production capabilities of the MXE 3500 offers several unique professional studio-quality video features that can be fully automated and applied to source media files. For example, introductory and trailers videos can be appended the media file, as well as watermarks and graphic overlays to add dynamic multilayered titles, branded graphics, subtitles, captions, and animations directly on top of the video.

Embedded in the Network

Enable delivery of application-independent capabilities that increase adoption of your existing business investments without changing their behavior or creating an extensive IT burden.

Within a Cisco Medianet Architecture, the Cisco MXE 3500 is an important part of a pervasive video strategy. This powerful and flexible appliance integrates easily with many Cisco and third-party multimedia products. And it provides excellent ROI and investment protection with software-based upgrades.

Product Features

The Cisco MXE 3500 provides:

  • Exceptionally high-quality media transcoding and transrating for file-based and live multimedia assets for any-to-any capture and playback on the network and end devices
  • Powerful workflow automation for processing source multimedia streams and files
  • Professional array of video and audio enhancement options including studio-quality editing, graphic overlays, and watermarking
  • Pulse video analytics makes videos easy to find and consume based on what's spoken and who's speaking
  • An easy-to-use browser-based interface for managing content makes it easy for end users to transform videos without training or administrative assistance.
  • Clustering option for high scalability and transcoding redundancy
  • Support for live streaming formats including Windows Media and live MPEG-2 Transport Stream (MPEG-2 TS) so users can deliver live streams content to Cisco Digital Signs for communications, training, events or other applications.
  • Medianet (PDF - 62 KB)

    Learn how to unlock the power of video in your enterprise with medianet and media transformation services.

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