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Service Provider and Enterprise Video Products

Cisco video products allow organizations large and small to use video for faster and more productive collaboration and communication, as well as for sharing information and insights. For service providers, Cisco video products can help your customers access content, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Featured Products

    Video Collaboration

    Improve team productivity, strengthen customer relationships, and scale expertise throughout your organization and beyond with live and on-demand video collaboration and content sharing.

    Cisco TelePresence TX9000 Series

    • Three-screen system with new industrial design for greater immersion
    • Three very high-quality simultaneous video streams and an HD, full-motion content sharing stream
    • Superior lighting and sound, discreet camera housing, touch-screen interface
    • Requires 20 percent less bandwidth than earlier model and allows for faster installation and easy servicing

    Cisco Jabber

    • An application that unifies presence, IM, voice, video, desktop sharing, and conferencing into a single client
    • Ideal for a global, mobile workforce to collaborate from anywhere with new unified communications applications
    • Maintains consistent experience across devices: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia, and Blackberry

    Cisco WebEx

    • Multistream full-screen video conferencing with high-quality resolution
    • Ideal for teams needing to collaborate and share content and video at the same time
    • Meet anytime, anywhere with high-quality video on PCs, Macs, and the Apple iPad
    • Experience integrated Cisco TelePresence WebEx OneTouch

    Enterprise Content Delivery System

    • Deploy a media delivery system that improves the reach, quality, and user experience
    • Predictable, scalable, and versatile solution that helps organizations optimize video distribution
    • Integrates into your existing network

    Cisco LCD Professional Series Displays

    • Complete end-to-end solution for Cisco Digital Signs and Cisco Cast
    • Full 1080p resolution
    • Centralized, remote management through the Cisco Digital Media Manager
    • Cisco support and service offerings

    Cisco Show and Share

    • Network-based application ideal for private and highly secure video sharing within an organization
    • Flexible authoring, publishing, and review workflows
    • Support for uploading a wide variety of file types and recording from USB cameras
    • Collaboration tools such as commenting, rating, and word tagging

    Video Intelligence

    Get more out of live and recorded video, by revealing and using information and intelligent analytics from video surveillance and video content from many sources of live and recorded content.

    Virtualized Applications for UCS

    • Extend physical security capabilities to virtual environments
    • Ideal for large scale safety and security operations
    • Gain innovative virtualization, memory, I/O, and management capabilities

    Cisco IPICS Server Software

    • A complete communications solution that improves incident management
    • Enhances radio interoperability for simple, scalable, communications collaboration
    • Orchestrates resources, rich media and information
    • Delivers push-to-talk services across radio networks, IP networks, and traditional networks

    Cisco Physical Access Manager

    • The management application for the Cisco Physical Access Control solution provides flexible options for enrolling users and assigning credentials
    • Supports a comprehensive list of access control policies
    • Provides simplified, data-driven integration with other IT systems

    Pulse Video Analytics

    • An option on the MXE 3500 (Media Experience Engine)
    • A powerful new way to find and view video content quickly and easily
    • Set automatic tag and index capabilities so you can search videos by spoken phrase or word, making video content easy to find and navigate
    • Offer speaker identification so you can quickly locate and view relevant content by who is speaking

    Video Entertainment

    Offer integrated, highest-quality TV experiences everywhere, delivering content across any devices and networks.

    Cisco Videoscape Media Gateway

    • Provides a home hub for content and lifestyle-management video experiences
    • Ideal for cable, telecommunications, and wireless service providers
    • Brings new cloud services and network intelligence to home TV
    • Improves video presentation and content delivery

    Cisco CDN Analytics

    • Offers real-time reporting, analytics, and monitoring of CDN infrastructure and all components in the data plane
    • Ideal for service providers to gather and view information from across systems
    • Offers visibility into metrics such as traffic distribution and volume, capacity use, billing trends, and bandwidth consumption
    • Includes reporting and analytics tools that support event correlation and notification

    Cisco Videoscape Soft Client

    • Extends entertainment and cloud-based applications across multiple consumer devices
    • Ideal for service providers who want to offer more content on more screens
    • Supports download-to-own, rental, and ad-supported monetization models
    • Provides integrated device and network communication to facilitate device-specific content delivery

    Cisco Videoscape AnyRes Live

    • Market-leading media processor designed to support adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming
    • Ideal for service providers supporting iPhone, iPad, feature phones, smart phones, Microsoft Smooth, and Adobe Dynamic streaming
    • Operates on a Cisco Unified Computing System server and as an appliance, for greater flexibility

    Cisco Videoscape AnyRes VOD

    • Provides fully automated support for Apple HTTP adaptive bitrate (ABR) format, packaging, and index file creation
    • Ideal for service providers who want to transcode in all popular formats, including H.164/AVC, MPEG-2 VC, and VP-6
    • Simplifies end-to-end workflow from acquisition to delivery, reducing operating expenses (OpEx)

    Cisco Videoscape Media Suite

    • Modular offering for managing, publishing, and delivering content to PCs, TVs, and mobile devices
    • Ideal for service providers who need a single location for ingest, digital rights management, billing, and analytics
    • Provides flexibility to meet changing market needs and integrate with existing systems
    • Modular, workflow-driven interface defines business rules and controls all aspects of the content service lifecycle