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Cisco Digital Service Access Node (DSAN)

Cost-Effective Digital-to-Analog Creation for Bulk Accounts

As you begin to migrate to an all-digital network, the Cisco Digital Service Access Node (DSAN) provides a cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-deploy solution for serving the needs of multiple dwelling units (MDUs) and bulk analog accounts. Its hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC)-ready design, environmentally hardened enclosure, and output port flexibility provide the right product for maintaining analog service to bulk MDU customers. With 82 channels to populate, 8 of which can be locally generated, you will be able to meet even the most demanding custom channel lineup needs.

Benefits of the Cisco DSAN

  • Meet the analog channel requirements for bulk MDU accounts
  • Create custom channel lineups on a per building basis
  • Turn individual channels on and off
  • Reduce cable programming theft through bulk agreements
  • Additional revenue streams through upsell opportunities for advanced services

Features of the Cisco DSAN

  • Recreates 82 channels of analog content
  • Recreates analog spectrum from 54 to 562 MHz
  • Dual output port flexibility
  • Digital pass through port
  • Local channel insertion capable
  • Two Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) input ports for Local Craft Interface (LCI)
  • Indoor and outdoor environmentally hardened node housing

Contact Cisco

  • 1-800-553-6387
  • US/CAN | 5am-5pm PT