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Analog Modulators

Scale Services and Expand Bandwidth

Analog modulators from Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company, help North American cable network operators convert baseband audio and video signals into network-ready RF output signals. Capabilities of modulators in this series include:

  • Built-in intelligence, which allows remote control of important parameters
  • The ability to combine multiple agile channels into a single headend
  • Excellent ease of installation in new and existing broadband systems
  • The ability to manage all activities between application modules
  • Support of external monitoring and control functionality
  • Significant space savings with a convenient size and form factor
  • Power savings with an ASIC-based upconverter that consumes about half the power of traditional upconverter circuits
  • Outstanding RF performance and the ability to tune from 50-870 MHz in a single device
  • Superb stereo separation and distortion correction
  • No need to calibrate the BTSC signal, thanks to a digitally generated audio subcarrier

These products are ideal in Cable TV distribution systems where a combination of high reliability, low maintenance and excellent price/performance ratio are a priority.

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