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Cisco Unified CallConnector Operator

Be More Efficient, Respond to Customers Faster

Enhance business efficiency by quickly answering calls and accurately delivering them to the right person with Cisco Unified CallConnector Operator.

An optional part of the Cisco Unified CallConnector suite, the Cisco Unified CallConnector Operator application integrates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. It helps operators to better handle incoming business calls and take advantage of their business's unified communications infrastructure.

Cisco Unified CallConnector Operator is a Windows application designed specifically for the fast call-handling, contact management, and messaging requirements of the small business operator. With Cisco Unified CallConnector Operator, your operators can:

  • Handle incoming calls quickly and transfer them to the appropriate and available employees with ease
  • View incoming calls to be answered at a glance, and view the status of parked, transferred, and held calls
  • Easily send instant messaging (IM), email, or Short Message Service (SMS) messages to employees who are unavailable
  • Quickly search for users in the directory and manage the organization's directories
  • View and update the availability, location, and telephone status of all employees

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