Cisco EGW 2200 Enterprise Gateway

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It is clear that enterprise customers are now in the midst of migrating from legacy TDM PBXs to IP-based communications systems. With the recognition of the operational savings and deployment flexibility offered by IP communications systems, enterprise customers are looking for vendors to provide a holistic approach that considers all of the technical and organizational requirements to accomplish the transition.

The Cisco EGW 2200 Enterprise Gateway is one of many products offered by Cisco Systems available to break down the barriers to the deployment of IP communications systems. It combines best-of-breed technologies that enable needed inter-operability between legacy PBXs and IP communications systems while offering important network call routing and number analysis capabilities. The flexibility found in the Cisco EGW 2200 Enterprise Gateway allows enterprise customers to control the pace, order and approach to IP communications system migration.

The initial release of the Cisco EGW 2200 Enterprise Gateway focuses on providing inter-working Cisco CallManager with legacy DPNSS (Digital Private Network Signaling System)-based PBXs. The Cisco EGW 2200 Enterprise Gateway provides support for the inter-operability of many of the most commonly used DPNSS features with Cisco CallManager, including Call Back, Extension Status, Route Optimization and Centralized Attendant Console.

The Cisco EGW 2200 is a software application that runs on select Cisco Media Convergence Servers (MCS). These MCSs are the same Intel-based platforms used by other Cisco IP Communications products, such as Cisco CallManager.

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