Cisco Nexus 9000v Switch

Cisco Nexus 9000v Switchview expanded image

Virtual NX-OS switch for network prototyping

With the Nexus 9000v Switch, test and prototype the latest features of Cisco NX-OS in an easily deployable virtual machine.

Modeling with Nexus 9000v

Create a virtual switch and run Cisco NX-OS with complete control plane features.

Features and Capabilities

Get a powerful, virtual network for testing and prototyping environments using the Nexus 9000v, powered by Cisco NX-OS.

Open and programmable

  • The Nexus 9000v supports NX-OS APIs for network programming and easy integration of your test automation suite

Easy deployment and portability

  • A portable, virtual machine format allows for easy installation and testing
  • Reproduce desired network states using virtual machine snapshots

Specifications at a Glance

  • Interfaces : 64 +1 (dataport plus management)
  • Programmability : Chef, Ansible and Puppet Integration
  • L3 Features : CDP, BGPv4, BGPv6, OSPFv3, EIGRP, RIP, BGP EVPN
  • L2 Features : L2 Switching Unicast, L2 Switching Multicast, VXLAN, vPC

Get speed and control using NX-OS

Test a huge array of network designs with Cisco NX-OS and the Nexus 9000v.

Resources for integration

Take advantage of well documented devnet resources and get answers from devnet forums.

Contact Cisco

  • Call Sales:
  • 1-800-553-6387
  • US/CAN | 5am-5pm PT