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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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The Cisco MGX 8240 series private line gateway (formally known as Sentient U1600) is a powerful and cost effective ATM Circuit Emulation platform that allows service providers to transport leased-line channelized DS3, DS1 and NxDSO circuits over an ATM backbone. The MGX 8240 is a leading edge high-density product capable of supporting up to 1260 channelized DS1s in a fully configured single shelf, allowing traffic to be carried across OC-3c ATM trunks.

The MGX 8240 provides an excellent platform for migrating TDM networks to packet-oriented ATM networks. Service providers who recognize the need to transition their infrastructure to next-generation packet-based networks can deploy the private line gateway today, while continuing to offer traditional high revenue circuit-based TDM services. Service providers can immediately offer and aggressively grow their packet-based voice, video and data services without changing their core switching technology.

The ATM standards-compliant MGX 8240 interoperates with existing ATM-based infrastructures via a UNI 3.0 interface.

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