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Smart Software Licensing

A new way to think about software licensing

Smart Account
A Smart Account is used to create users and groups, and organize licenses according to your business needs.

Smart Licensing
At the core is Smart Licensing, a flexible approach that streamlines the management of your software licenses.

Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM)
CSSM is an intuitive portal where you can activate and manage all your Cisco licenses.

What makes Smart Licenses different?

Classic Licenses:

Limited view

Customers often do not know what licenses they own.

PAK registration

Customers must manually register each device with a product activation key.


Licenses are specific to only one device.

Smart Licenses:

Complete view

Software, services, and devices are all visible in an easy-to-use portal.

Easy registration

No product activation keys (PAKs) needed. Activation is easy and software is ready to use.


Flexible licensing with use across all devices.

Enjoy flexible deployment options


Direct cloud access with Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM).


On-premises access with Cisco Smart Software Manager satellite.


Offline access through License Reservation.

Smart Accounts are foundational to Smart Licensing

To use Smart Licensing, you must first set up a Cisco Smart Account.

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