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Protect Your Business with Security Resilience

Modern threats are unpredictable. Invest in security resilience today to emerge stronger tomorrow.

Security resilience explained

Technology has eliminated barriers between companies, customers, suppliers, and partners. Everyone and everything is connected now. This connectivity brings increased efficiency and collaboration—but it also creates an ever-expanding attack surface.

Investing in security resilience, also known as cyber resilience, empowers your business to withstand today's unpredictable threats and emerge stronger. Businesses invest in resilience around finance, operations, and supply chain. But without security resilience, all your other investments are vulnerable.

6 Pillars to building a resilient security strategy

Leadership buy-in: Align security plans to broader business goals.

Recognize the problem area: Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Invest in humans: People drive strategy and progress. Invest accordingly.

Converge infosec with opsec: Keep these two entities closely aligned.

Use 'security by design': Build security perimeters to stay agile and protected.

Identity management: Use multi-factor authentication wherever possible.

What makes companies resilient?

Threats exist and incidents happen. Resilience is achieved when both the likelihood of an incident occurring is reduced, and the impact caused is minimized.

Haroon Malik, Security Consulting, Director, NTT Data

The foundation of successful resilience comes from understanding the threats and your own weaknesses. Armed with this knowledge, you can implement protections to reduce the likelihood that threats will affect you, and ensure that if a threat does succeed, the effects will be minimized.

Martin Lee, EMEA Region Lead, Strategic Planning & Communications, Cisco Talos

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