Enhanced Network Access Device Management

Meet the new demands for access control management and compliance. Support the complex policies that these demands require. With the Cisco Secure Access Control System you can define powerful and flexible policy rules in an easy-to-use GUI.

NOTE: The Cisco ACS is no longer being sold after August 30, 2017, and might not be supported. View the End-of-Life Notice to learn:

  • End-of-sale and end-of-life dates
  • What replacement products are available
  • Information about product support
Migrate Now for Less

Migrate Now for Less

Existing ACS customers get big discounts off Cisco ISE.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco Secure Access Control System will complement your existing infrastructure. Use it to enhance visibility and control across the domain. You can centrally manage access policies for device administration and for wireless and wired 802.1X network access scenarios.

  • Receive support for two distinct protocols: RADIUS for network access control and TACACS+ for network device access control
  • Use multiple databases concurrently for exceptional flexibility in enforcing access policy
  • Enjoy more power and flexibility for access control policies that may include authentication
  • Get integrated monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting components, accessible through an easy-to-use web-based GUI

For physical platform support of ISE, please refer to the Cisco Secure Network Server data sheet.

End-of-Life Chart

Version End of Sale End of Software
End of Support
5.8 30-Aug-17 30-Aug-18 31-Aug-20
5.7 2-May-16 2-May-17 31-May-19
5.6 16-Feb-16 15-Feb-17 28-Feb-19
5.5 15-Apr-15 14-Apr-16 30-Apr-18
4.2 27-Oct-11 26-Oct-12 31-Oct-14
3.3 29-Aug-06 29-Aug-07 28-Aug-09

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Migrating to Cisco ISE

Migrating to Cisco ISE

Eliminate complexity and save time with a unified policy management. (PDF - 376 KB)

ISE Migration Resources

ISE Migration Resources

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