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Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Explore what's possible with our monthlong roster of events, activities, and educational content.

What is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

It's an annual campaign aimed at educating the public about the importance of cybersecurity. While it began in the United States, similar programs are found worldwide. Cisco Security is proud to provide new educational resources throughout the month of October to help inform, educate, and empower people everywhere.

2020 Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Week 4

The future of remote work

Learn the key recommendations and takeaways that businesses must adopt to secure a distributed workforce and adapt to what the future brings.

Consumer data privacy report (PDF)

Explore how people around the world are balancing the need to share their information with the need for data privacy and privacy regulation.

Cybersecurity across the continuum of care

Read our new e-book for real-world experiences from three healthcare providers.

Highlights from Week 3

Check out our resources from the third week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Guide to keeping your family cyber safe (PDF)

Be your own best defense. Use these tips to improve your cybersecurity posture and keep you, your family, and your community cyber safe.

Keeping remote work secure (PDF)

When the pandemic sent everyone home to work, Cisco had the technology, culture, and processes in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Cisco Webex: a trusted platform

Learn how businesses are implementing collaboration solutions to ensure the privacy and security of users and their content.

Highlights in Week 2

Check out our resources from the second week of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Diversity in Cybersecurity

Our e-book explores the diverse career paths that professionals take in the cybersecurity industry.

An unconventional cybersecurity career

In Episode 15 of the Security Stories podcast, Curtis Simpson, CISO for Armis, discusses his journey as a security leader.

Is cybersecurity the right field for you?

Read our cybersecurity blog to decide if your skills would be a good fit for the industry.

Highlights in Week 1

We are gearing up for a month full of content to help educate you and your families about cybersecurity best practices. Check out the resources from the first week.

Keep your family safe online (PDF)

Our guide provides simple steps to protect your family from online threats and improve your security posture.

Find your resilience

Start off this month with a blog on business resilience by Anthony Grieco, a Trust Strategy Officer for Cisco.

Combat the threat of dual-use tools

Sign up for this October 8 Cisco Talos webinar and learn how these tools are often co-opted by threat actors.

Secure and protect IT

Explore SASE networking

View Cisco's special edition of "Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) For Dummies."

Learn to secure remote workers

Read the "How to Secure Your Remote Workers" e-book for a comprehensive rundown on keeping empoyees safe as they work from home.

Improve your cyber hygiene (PDF)

Learn our top 10 tips and tricks for staying safe online.

Cybersecurity 101

Cloud security 101

Demystify the term and learn what cloud security can do to secure your data.

Work from home 101

Learn how to keep your online meetings safe and other best practices for working from home in Episode 13 of the Talos Takes podcast.

Machine learning 101

Is it all hype? We bust the myths behind machine learning and show where it fits in a cybersecurity practice.

Data privacy 101

Take a deep dive into the future of data privacy in Episode 13 of the Security Stories podcast.

Careers in cybersecurity

Bridge the cyber skills gap

See how Cisco is empowering people from all backgrounds in the cybersecurity career field.

Ask a hiring manager

For our end-of-month webinar, an educator, cybersecurity pro, and hiring manager will discuss cybersecurity careers--and the education you need to succeed.

Certify your cybersecurity skills

Set your status as a cybersecurity champion with official Cisco training and certifications.

Cisco Security threat intelligence and thought leadership

Simplify to Secure (PDF)

Read our report to find out why your organization should strive for integrated cybersecurity and learn the practical steps you can take to accomplish it.

2020 CISO Benchmark Report

Our latest study includes key findings about reducing complexity, cyber fatigue, and more.

Big Security in a Small Business World

Cisco's latest SMB security report busts 10 myths about how small businesses are tackling cybersecurity.

Threat of the month

Get fresh threat intelligence monthly. Our expert picks a threat you need to know about and distills it into an easy-to-read blog.

Featured resources

Working together on cybersecurity

Hear why it is important to trust and work together to build cyber resiliency.

Manage your risk

The Trust Center supports the security, trust, privacy, and resilience of our customers.

Offers from Cisco Secure

Introducing Cisco SecureX

If your teams spend too much time stitching together solutions, the SecureX integrated platform can simplify and strengthen your security.

Cisco Secure Remote Worker

Fast-track your business success: Empower employees with secure access to the applications and resources they need, in the public cloud or on-premises.