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Cisco MWR 2941-DC Mobile Wireless Router

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

View the End-of-Life Notice to learn: 

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Cisco MWR 2941-DC Mobile Wireless Routerview expanded image

Seamless, Cost-Effective, Multi-Generation RAN Backhaul

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The Cisco MWR-2941DC Mobile Wireless Router allows mobile operators to significantly lower operating expenses by optimizing, aggregating, and transporting traffic over T1/E1, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, and IP networks. It includes:

  • Powerful Cisco IOS Software host processor and network processing engine
  • Built-in switch processor supporting six GE ports (4 RJ-45, 2 SFP)
  • 16 built-in T1/E1 ports
  • Industry-standard clocking options
  • Support for selected 2800/3800 High-Speed WAN Interface Cards (HWICs)
  • Support for standards-based pseudowire transport solution
  • Support for RAN optimization solution
  • Temperature-hardened,12.5-inch-deep, 19-inch rack mount one-rack unit form factor

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