Cisco 3200 Series Rugged Integrated Services Routers

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Rugged Outdoor Wireless Network Routers

Cisco Mobile Network solutions provide a secure IP network platform for vehicles, trains, and buses that extends mission-critical applications to mobile staff in local government, public safety, and transportation agencies.

Cisco 3200 Series Rugged Integrated Services Routers are the foundation of these mobile network solutions. These routers create an IP network for a vehicle, helping to enable secure voice, video, and data communications with a network operations center. The vehicle network maintains transparent connectivity whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion.

Empowering the Mobile Workforce in Communities

These routers transform first-responder vehicles into mobile, IP-based command centers, offering secure communications to a central command center. They allow transportation agencies to network their buses and trains, providing real-time security and services for passengers.

With a modular, industrial-grade design, Cisco has optimized these routers for use in harsh environments. Customers requiring a ruggedized IOS router will find the Cisco 3200 a versatile platform for bridging IP networks with remote networks such as utility substations or traffic controllers.

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