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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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Maximize Storage and Integrate Analog Cameras

With the Cisco Video Surveillance Services Platform, you have choices for network digital video recording and playback, including:

  • Recording and aggregating IP closed-circuit television video streams
  • Playing back recordings over an IP network anytime, anywhere, from any device

This services platform provides a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible way to replace traditional analog or digital video recorders. Fully integrated with the Cisco Video Surveillance Stream Manager Software and providing high-quality MPEG-4 encoding, these devices offer solutions for IP video direct from the network.

You can select a services platform model to implement the device that best suits your deployment needs, including:

  • Services Platform SP-800, which provides 800 GB of storage in a 1-rack unit (RU) case with two hard disks
  • Services Platform SP-2000+, which provides 2 TB or more of storage in a 2-RU case with six to eight hard disks
  • Services Platform SP-SCSI, which provides SCSI connection to mass storage systems in a 1-RU case
  • Services Platform SP-FC, which provides Fibre Channel connections to mass storage systems in a 1-RU case

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