Performance Routing (PfR)

Route Application Traffic More Effectively

Performance Routing (PfR) delivers intelligent path control for application-aware routing across the WAN. PfR provides:

  • Dynamic selection of the best path for application-based business policies
  • Application-based load balancing across paths for full utilization of bandwidth with improved network availability

PfRv3 monitors application performance on a per-flow basis, and applies what is learned to select the best path for that application. Using smart-probe intelligence, flows are monitored passively; probes are sent only when specifically needed to further enhance efficiency. PfRv3 effectively load-balances across paths while delivering the best application-level SLA.

PfRv3 represents the third generation of enhancements to Cisco’s intelligent path control capabilities. It features simple, centralized configuration; improved application monitoring; higher scale; and faster convergence.

PfRv3 innovations include the introduction of enterprise domains, a capability for service orchestration in the network that enables centralized configuration, automatic discovery, and single-touch provisioning. Simply define the domain, configure the hub site, and PfRv3 does the rest.


  • Reduced WAN operating expenses
  • Full utilization of all WAN bandwidth by efficiently distributing traffic based on load, circuit costs, and path preference
  • Improved application performance with per-application best-path selection based on delay, loss, and jitter measurements
  • Improved application availability
  • Simple setup

PfR is the technology for intelligent path control for Cisco Intelligent WAN, which builds upon four components:

  • Transport-independent design
  • Intelligent path control
  • Application optimization
  • Highly secure connectivity

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