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Delivering a Consistent User Experience

The world's leading network infrastructure software, Cisco IOS, delivers transparent integration of technology innovations, business-critical services, and key hardware support.

Cisco IOS Software Release 15 provides a more consistent user experience resulting from the evolution of Cisco's software development model. This new model accelerates the sharing of features and applications and enables Borderless Network Services. The first platform to take advantage of the Release 15 benefits is the new Integrated Services Router Generation Two (ISR G2) series.

In addition to providing new feature releases and rebuilds on a regularly scheduled basis, Release 15 also includes:

  • Clearer software deployment and migration guidelines
  • Proactive individual release support policies
  • Enhanced release numbering

Release 15 provides a comprehensive portfolio of Cisco technologies, including leading-edge functionality delivered in Releases 12.4 and 12.4T, on the broadest range of hardware in the industry, including Cisco ISRs, and Cisco 7200 and 7301 Series Routers. Release 15 M and T are the first instantiations of this family.

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